STAR TREK: DARK HORIZON is created and written by Michael Gray


All Images created by Michael Gray


Images created using:

trueSpace 5, Poser 4, Terragen, PaintShopPro 7, and Bryce 5


Oceana Class Starship Designed and Created by Michael Gray

Ericsson Class Starship Designed by Cleve Johnson - built in trueSpace by Michael Gray


Other Poser Items created by:

Trek Uniform Textures by WarriorDL, (AKA Darrell Lawrence) they can be found on his LoneWolf-Grafix site at:

Biohazard Scout Suit for Victoria's Catsuit by Christopher Orth

Fetish Dress for Poser 4 Female by Taruru

Cammy and Extraman Characters by REMC

"Drucila the Danide" texture for Victoria created by Ecstasy at Renderosity


Other 3D Items created by:

Drydock, Runabout, Sovereign Class, Intrepid Class, Prometheus Class, Nebula Class, Galaxy Class, and Defiant Class Starships by Ed Giddings

Diligent Class Starship by Rick "Hobbes" Snider

Ares Class Starship by Roscoe McCord -aka Marklar

1701-B Class Starship and Peregrin Class Fighter by Eric Peterson

Akira Class Starship, Sabre Class Starship, Steamrunner Class Starship, and Hopper Class Shuttle by Dan Huling

TravelPod model by Matthew Parker

Star Trek V Shuttlecraft by 'H' Gibbens


My Tutorial on creating Photomanipulations Using Poser: